Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard that Asset Recovery companies should be avoided and they take advantage of claimants, is this illegal in any way?

One thing is true, there are surely unethical characters in any business market, but we go to great lengths to ensure or clients have a no-hassle, professional and 100% legal experience with our company.

We are about building relationships, providing an excellent service to others and setting ourselves apart for the long haul, not a short term gain. 

We pride ourselves on creating win-win situations in all of our business dealings, accomplished by providing a fair offer due to the nature of the case and always making sure your benefits are a top priority.

How much time do I have to collect my money you’ve uncovered?

The amount of time you will have in your specific case depends on where and who is holding the funds, and the date when the funds were first created.

Some agencies provide a limited opportunity for you to claim your funds in a lot of cases and once that time is up, you will be unable to make a claim and the funds will now belong to that particular agency.

Other agencies can hold the funds perpetually until you make a claim for it.

What are the benefits to me of using your company?

The type of assets we locate isn’t found using a simple internet search, and it’s unlikely that you will ever be notified of their existence again because in most cases, the agency has already unsuccessfully attempted to notify you of the funds. Even in the event, you were to find the funds yourself, there are many good reasons for having an experienced team of professionals pursue the funds for you.

The agencies holding the funds will have a numerous amount of requirements that must be followed correctly for proving your entitlement to the funds and accepting your claim as valid. Some agencies require an attorney to request the release of the funds from a judge. The agency holding your funds may ultimately keep them if you don’t claim them within a reasonable amount of time as mentioned above.

Let’s be completely honest, to the tune of billions of dollars how much effort do you really think they put into contacting the rightful owners? We’ve already put in countless hours of hard work and deep searching for you, and we know how to effectively do what it takes from start to finish.

Where are the funds being held and exactly how big is my claim?

Once we have our initial conversation, we will disclose the amount being held. Upon signing our offer and agreement, we can fully disclose, where the funds are located, as well as what happened to create the funds.

I’m sure if I search I can just find this money myself right?

Absolutely, you can try but it’s extremely unlikely that you’ll be successful, especially since you’ll be working against a deadline in most cases.

The majority of our cases take weeks and for special cases months of searching and knowing who to communicate with to find these types of funds. Once these agencies have notified you in some kind of way, their duty is done. It is not their obligation to follow up with you.

We maintain a comprehensive database of sources and we specialize in reconnecting you with your money in a timely fashion!

So how much will all of this cost me?

You will never be charged any upfront expenses with our company. We pay for everything to ensure a successful retrieval which includesattorneys, notaries, couriers, filing fees, everything!

We only get paid when your claim gets finalized and paid out, plus depending on the type of claim, we can also offer you a portion of the money upfront.

That’s right, upon our agreement, in certain cases, we can pay you a portion of the funds upfront!

I’m just not comfortable with this and I’m skeptical … what can I do to trust what you say?

Keep in mind in your particular case there may only be a small window of time for you to collect the funds. You are more than welcome to seek outside counsel and or an attorney about your situation and feel free to have them contact us as well.

Our specific, yet simple and easy to understand 3-page agreement is available for you to review beforehand. Simply ask and we can provide that for you.

You also have the choice to do nothing, but we strongly advise against this. It belongs to you so claim whats yours!