Currently, in various agencies across the nation, there are 10’s of billions of dollars in total funds that belong to individuals and companies alike! The source of some of these assets can originate from safe deposit boxes, escrow accounts, bonds, stocks, wages, insurance policies, trust funds, utility deposits, mutual funds, old bank accounts, etc… Unfortunate events happen in people’s lives where a particular agency holding money cannot reach the individual/company owed. The money will then sit in these accounts for a limited amount of time until the money is considered abandoned or unclaimed by the owner, at which time the agency can and will retain the money for themselves. Every state has its own way of notifying an individual/company due money, and if left unclaimed, these funds can be a HUGE income stream for the agencies holding the funds! 

Here are a few links that can provide you more information: and Both websites access state databases around the country and are helpful in locating unclaimed money. You can likely find money owed to you or someone you know. The funds our team of professional researchers uncover, absolutely will not show in the above links databases. We dig much deeper than the surface to retrieve what’s rightfully owed to you. 

Has your organization struggled to collect on debts owed to you? Once our company has contacted your organization regarding unclaimed assets, you can rest assured that our team will be successful in returning what’s owed to you. Businesses merge and sometimes close the doors and it can become a challenge to find previous decision-makers. We have the expertise and the tools which make our process fairly simple when locating a previous business owner. You’re in great hands!